VP Fashion Hair extensions Review









These extensions from vpfashion.com are pretty amazing! I got the three tone ombre in 24 inches long. The color combination was top 4#-medium reddish brown( 40%)-middle color 14#-light ash brown(30%) -bottom color 27#-honey blonde(30%). I’m very surprised how much the color matches my hair! It also blends very well with my hair. I think if you already have an ombre, these extensions will blend really nicely (: For those who don’t have an ombre, I suggest getting longer hair extensions with most of the hair with your natural hair color then the bottom hair to be a few shades lighter than your natural hair. When I first saw these extensions, I noticed that the color is somewhat of a blunt line, which is not what most people with an ombre hair want. If you don’t like that then you could also balayage the extensions yourself! All you need is bleach to weave in some highlights so that the color blends more natural. These extensions are real human hair and the quality of them are amazing! I used to wear hair extensions a few years ago and I think that the quality of these beats all the ones I have gotten. It’s really thick and it adds a lot of body to the hair! It’s really important to blend the hair in with your natural hair. Curling your hair with these extensions would be best when wearing extensions. This company also makes normal colored extensions and even crazy color extensions! If you are interested, you can use a coupon code that I have. For $10 OFF Use the code: misssjoolie9381
If you are confused about what color and what proportions of color you should get, email them! They really helped me when I was choosing my extensions. I seriously thought the color would be so off but it actually matches perfectly! Check them out on instagram @vpfashion

6 thoughts on “VP Fashion Hair extensions Review

  1. I love your beautiful hair extensions, they look amazing on you!❤️ You mentioned they were 24 inches in length, how many grams in weight if I may ask?

    • Hey dear, we have checked it for u and found that it works. Can u try agian pls? Btw, at the bottom part of the page of shopping cart, there is a guide for u to pay and add coupon code, maybe u can have a look! If it still doesn’t work, pls kindly contact our customer service email box: service@vpfashion.com. We are willing to serve u! Have a nice day~

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